Veres Mónika "Nika"

Veres Mónika "Nika"


The distinguished voice of “Nika” Veres Mónika is unrivaled in Hungary. She started singing at a very young age and her voice could be heard in Magyar Radio when she was only four. She studied at a music orientated school and was a member of the children’s choir at the Hungarian National Opera house. She leaded the SzívTV Tökjó Show in 1996 as a student of the acting School Angyalföldi Tiniszínpad és Színiiskola. In the following years she participated in more hundred events and sang on festivals in Montenegro and Ljubljana. Her first album was published when she was only 14 named “Papa, ne félts!” with the contribution of Ágnes Vanilla. In 2001 she got the eMeRT award in the category of Best teen singer of the year. In 2006 she got a part in the musical “56 csepp vér” and in 2008 she sang a duo with Alexandra which also had a video filmed. She had vocal parts in Megasztár 2008, 2010 and in the show Magyarország, szeretlek! While she also participated in the Hungarian Eurovision.

She was the highlighted competitor of the first Hungarian Voice in 2012. Her song “Száz felvonás” was published in 2013 which ruled the toplists.

She is the permanent singer of Babos Gyulas band and also performs as a guest artist in the band Garami Funky Staff.