Abaházi Csaba

Abaházi Csaba


His routine on stage is outstanding.

Maybe it is not well-known that not only his career in music started at the beginning of the 90’s (he was the singer of Sing Sing), but he also got more and more assignments as an anchorman, because as the leader member of his band he could prove from day by day that he was grown to the stage, he treats the audience well, he is straight, friendly and what’s more suggestive as well.

His first “work” as an anchorman on stage lasted for seven weeks, in 1990 in the Rock Gyermekei camp of Tokaj he spoke on the main square throughout 7 evenings.

He started to work for the radio in 1999, from 2000 he hosted shows, – as a natural attendant – he magnetized tasks on stage. On festivals, concerts, elegant corporate parties, family days,  quizzes, press conferences, club, restaurant and shop opening events, both on smaller and bigger stages, for little and huge audience as well he also did well during the past decades.

We could hear and see him on the main stage of Sziget Festival, on the open-air stage of the Balaton Szépe gala, in Siófok, on the stage of the legendary Coca Cola Beach House, for many years he was the host of the Kapcsolat concerts and the majális on Tabán from year by year.

He participated on concerts of the greatest Hungarian stars (Ákos, Caramel, Irigy Hónaljmirigy, TNT, Dobrády Ákos, Nox, Zséda, Ganxsta Zolee… etc.), they called upon him to host their events, to bring the audience into mood before they get on the stages of Aréna, Syma or Főnix hall in Debrecen.

Beside others he hosted family and corporate events of Eon, MKB, Bosch, BAT (British American Tobacco), Audi, Claas, he instructed employees and family members of factories and firms.

He hosted the event of the night of Museums, on speeding competitions, on car test races (Pannonring, Hungaroring, Continental – Gyulafirátót), on bread benediction, car-free days, Pont ott party (Margit-island Athletic Center), on the event of animal-friends, for example: Kutya Futta in Városliget, on Erzsébet camp opening and closing events (Millenáris), on town days, city events, wine festivals, karaoke competition, flash mobs, kindergarten ball and on weddings as well…

Right now he is waiting for his next task! J