Gábor Majsai

Gábor Majsai


Gábor Majsai has a high profile career as He toured around Europe with the bands called „Wastaps” and Europa Group, later was a warm-up artist for famous bands and singers such as Four Tops, James Brown or Modern Talking. The audience, the musicians, and the press started to compare his appearance and style to Tom Jones, as he looks and sings like the famous singer. Accordingly he recorded his first solo album entitled „BaráTom Jones” (My friend Tom Jones), which is still a very successful and beloved record.

2006 was a turning-point in Gábor’s life: he released his first own record, called „Poker”, later in 2007 he sang classical American jazz standards accompanied by a big-band, with qualitative Hungarian lyrics. This gave him the idea of the formation of his own band, the Majsai Swing Stars! Taking his success in consideration, his newest record is based on swing and boogie-woogie also. Several songs from this record are big hits in the Hungarian jazz radio 90.9 Jazzy, and Gábor brings down the house at the radio’s live music venues as well.