Kovács Nagyember László

Kovács Nagyember László


One living example of the new Economical Mechanism…!

He was born in 1968, straight into a musician family, where – to his disadvantage – they had a radio at home. As a child he already recorded songs and he organized his first party in upper school. It wasn’t an easy task, because one part of the class was in team Boney M and the other team ABBA… He solved it.

Music department, piano lessons and school choir only took him further. His first radio show started in 1981 that subsisted, but he doesn’t share it with the audience for “piety reasons”.

He already collected bakelite albums in high school and slowly he realized that is it possible to make mixes out of long versions of songs – with home-transformed radios. He aided in an alternative party as a technician from 1985, later as an understudy Dj. It was a good lesson for him. When he entered the army in 1988 (what’s that?), he had more than 300 cassettes and bakelites. His career didn’t crack neither as a soldier, he became the resident of Hotel Rege Disco 2000 in 1989.

Here took place the first wet T-shirt competition of Hungary, where he was – luckily – the anchorman. He has been working in the nightlife of Budapest that has a result: he became the resident of the Uj Vár club of the Technical University, where he has spent 10 years.

Meanwhile, in 1994 he started to work at Juventus Radio, where he wasn’t vacuous: during his 12 years he made 1000 radio shows, reports, outdoor shows and also recorded 8 golden and 3 platinum albums.
He left Juventus Radio in 2006 and joined Jazzy radio in January, 2007. He also became a Jazz-smith indicated by more than 250 shows and between 2009 and 2012 he was the program director of the radio.

What’s more, he also worked as the resident of Moulin Rouge Budapest from 2009 to 2013.

He plays funky music from bakelites, anything from CDs and he also has a great repertoire on his computer ready to be played anywhere. He adds the rest with the microphone, because he’s a good speaker as well. In case it’s required.

His routine in presenting and as a DJ is undisputed. The audience can always be part of an intimate night with his companionship.