Belmondo play's Beatles

Belmondo play's Beatles


First of all BELMONDO is a showband. Since it was founded 10 years ago they played a tremendous amount of gigs. On the shows humor, critics, jokes and lyrics what make you think are essential.

The profile of the band is shows with songs selected from their 7 albums which selection emerges from the evergreen hits “Szájalok”, “Szabadon”, “Emelt díjas lányok”, “Minden Nő”, “Rocksztár”.

However the band offers shows where they play songs of the iconic band The Beatles in a more biting, rock infused way.

Their first hit was “Lesz, volt, van” in 2006. This song is still in the daily rotation of ClassFm.

The heartbreaking song “Mikor” which carries the name of their 4. album became a hit unexpectedly in 2011 february on MR2.

In 2014 they had unconcealable success with the songs “Miért ne higgyem” and “We Could Lie”

The newest album “Kalapot Le!” came out in 2015 from which the song “Megint Ez Lett” is in the highlighted rotation of Petőfi Rádió. The band celebrating its 10th anniversary gives a tour this year.

On Belmondo shows party mood shoots the audience into the sky with an original beat-rock feeling.



Let is be

From me to You

Strawberry Fields Forever

All You need is Love

Hey Jude


Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Love me do

She loves You


I Want to Hold Your Hand

Penny Lane