Temesi Berci

Temesi Berci


My name is Bertalan (Berci) Temesi. I originate from Herend. I’m proud of my hometown. I emphasize this fact on every occasion since I live in Budapest and work in the world of media. I always highlight the good reputation and artistic activity of Herend. I’ve been living in Budapest for 15 years.
In 2003 I got the award ’Bass Guitar Player of the Year’, and in the autumn of 2012 the special award from the Hungarian Jazz Society. In the winter of 2012 I received the ARTISJUS Award from Miklós Malek, for my outstanding activity in the Hungarian light music culture in the last 15 years. In march of 2013 I got the Smoothjazz composers award.

At present I’m working as the musical director and editor of the TV channel RTL KLUB. I also play music at the weekends for the Hungarian Television: on Saturdays as the musical assistant for the Luxor – Lotto Show, on Sundays for the program called ’Magyarország, szeretlek!’ (Hungary, I love you!).
I’m a board member of the Hungarian Light Music Composers and Lyrics Writers Society. In 2011 I became a nominee for the ARTISJUS committee.
Hungarian master craftsmen build my unique, custom-made and signed Blasius musical instruments.
In February 2012 I opened my first musical office in Dürer Studio in Budapest.
In May 2011 I worked as the orchestra leader on the Budapest stage of the Europe Tour for the jazz piano player, composer, Brian Culbertson, the 25-times Billboard list winner. In May 2013 I’ll contribute again as the orchestra leader on his concert in Millenáris Teátrum.
Till 2013 I participated in the production of 52 LPs.
I had the privilege of working in different performances, under the direction of Imre Kerényi at the Hungarian University of Theatre and Film Arts’ Ódry Theater.
I had the opportunity to help develop musical activity of the participants of Megasztár 4 and 5.
Between 2011 and 2013 I’ve been helping the work of the Hungarian X Factor participants.
Between 1999 and 2013 I’ve worked together with the following artists, performers on a regular basis (on TV, in clubs, festivals, in connection with LP recordings or video shootings).


Charlie Tátrai Tibor
Póka Egon Babos Gyula
László Attila Keresztes Ildikó
Kútvölgyi Erzsébet Sasvári Sándor
Jamie Winchester Lerch István
Tony Lakatos (USA) Brian Culbertson (USA)
Christina Bien (POL) Melinda Stoika (AUT)
Budapest Jazz Orchestra Modern Art Orchestra
Szekeres Adrien Zséda
Fiesta Caramel (Megasztár, Voice)
Király Viktor (Megasztár) Takács Nicolas (X Faktor 2. helyezett)
Vastag Csaba (X Faktor győztes) Kocsis Tibor (X Faktor győztes)
Janicsák Veca (X Faktor) Gáspár Laci (Megasztár)
Tóth Gabi (Megasztár) Tóth Vera(Megasztár)
Oláh Ibolya (Megasztár) Wolf Kati (X Faktor)
Veres Mónika (Voice) Gájer Bálint (Voice)
Kowalsky meg a Vega zenekar Belmondo zenekar
Éliás Jr. és zenekara Gitano LIVE zenekar
Garami Funky Staff zenekar Black-Out zenekar
Stonehenge zenekar Fivérek zenekar

Since 2001 I teach music actively. Besides my almost 150  private students I initiated online music teaching with the help of the internet. I’ve started my first book, teaching DVD and solo album three years ago, and will be finished by September 2013. Hoping for international success the unconventional teaching pack will be published in six different languages.