The band Starmachine first appeared in the line-up of Popdaráló screened on TV2. Szilárd Bűdi frontman participated in The Voice and succeeded all the way to the finals. Ever since the band plays on city and corporate events, teambuilding trainings and anywhere mood is essential. The repertoire consists of hits written by hungarian and foreign artists.

On demand the band is available for joint production with local stars such as Áron Kovács, Tamás Takács, Mariann Falusi, Feró Nagy, Gabi Tóth, Vera Tóth, Csaba Vastag, Hien, Gergő Oláh, Péter Sípos (Mirigy), Nika, Tibor Kocsis…

Exclusively live music and interactive show on the stage. With them the audiance will have a great time all night due to the spirit brought by the musicians.