Garamy Funky Staff – Happy 3rd Birthday Concert

2012. 10. 22.

Garamy Funky Staff celebrated its 3rd birthday, on 20th October at Symbol with all those friends who helped them in the past few years - even with professional support or coming to the concerts and listen to them.

The 3rd year has brought some changes in the band’s life – besides Gabor lost his wig. The band’s new sound has more elements of soul music, because of the new line-up, but stayed with the disco and funky feeling as well.

The band invited 2 featuring guests to the concert: Hien (singer), and Gyula Babos (guitar). NIKA (GFS’s singer) has brought an unforgettable feeling to the concert with her charming voice.

Garami Gábor - drum

Veres Mónika NIKA - singer

Gitano Nagy Laci - singer, guitar

Temesi Berci - bassguitar

Magán Olivér – piano