The band originating from Pécs Released its second album ’I Need Help’ in march 2016 in a coproduction of Music Fashion and Ammonite Records from Belgrade. After the release the band attended a two month tour in Europe and Russia. From the middle of may until the end of summer the band fosuses mainly on local appearences.

The Immigrants was founded in 2011 in Pécs and their first album was named ’Best of’. After this they performed at 9 locations in a tour where the idea of a bigger tour enhanced.

The second album was recorded in 2015 as part of a greater more complex strategy for the premier of the album including the complete international tour and the videoclip.

’Grapefruit’ single was the forerunner of ’I Need Help’ in early march debuting on Stenk with an effect-visioned videoclip being a sign of the upcomming album. ’I Need Help’ was finally released in middle march available in online stores and also in physical format including CD and Vinyl.

Following the release The Immigrants displayed the album on the tour featuring 16 countries. They travelled more than 14 000 km-s in the tour bus through Croatia, Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and all across Russia.

The Hungarian audience can see the band perform from the middle of may until the end of summer on festivals and also on the 9 stops of the Quimby tour all across the country.