Abaházi Group

Abaházi Group


Abaházi Csaba has spent 10 years in Sing Sing!

He was the singer, frontman and lyricist of Sing Sing, operating from 1989 to 1999. They were the representatives of light, loose, party rock music and glam in Hungary at the beginning of the 90’s and also one of the pioneers of stadium rock, played also by Bon Jovi, the Europe, Skid Row, Poison and Warrant.


6 albums, 1 concert album, 2 compilations, one cover album and unforgettable concerts also made the band legendary.


After the band had split up, Csaba became a remarkable and emblematic figure of commercial radios: we could hear his masculine voice for 10 years at Danubius Radio and since 2009 we can hear him in the request show of Class Fm day by day.

Meanwhile he is highly successful in tv shows, radios (he was awarded the price of the best anchor of the year twice and also twice he got the Fonogram price for the best radio show), he has naturally never seceded from music.

He was a founder member of Best Of, he participated on the concert album of Irigy Hónaljmirigy (they created a parody of the greatest hit of Sing Sing, calleg Halál a májra, the song called Anyáddal jártam is one of the heydays of the Mirigy parties up to this day), he sang on the soundtrack album of S.O.S. szerelem, contributed to the albums of Padödö, Baby Gaby and Kerozin and he started his own band in 2012, called the Abaházi Group.

In the last few years numerous bands try to play the classics of Sing Sing (Halál a májra, Valamiben hinni kell, Életfogytig Rock ‘N’ Roll, Törvények nélkül, etc.), but it’s hard to reproduce the original sound and feeling.

There is one person, who manages to do it each and every time: Abaházi Csaba, with his band, named after him, finally he answers questions mentioned by colleagues, musicians, journalists and naturally former Sing Sing fans: will there ever be concerts with the feeling that only Sing Sing could provide?

The answer is: YES!


The band is happy to welcome guest musicians and singers like Pataky Attila, Balázs Fecó, Kereszes Ildikó, Janicsák Veca and Animal Cannibals. On these occasions the band naturally plays the hits of guests live and also duets so unforgettable and unrepeatable moments can born.

Members of the band:

Szűcs Norbert - guitar  (Artisjus prized composer, http://szucsnorbert.com/)
Gyöngyösi Gábor - keyboards (www.pearlypianos.com)
Megyaszay István - bass (www.megya.hu)
Jülek Erik - drums (http://www.julekerik.hu/)
Szűcs Mihály – guitar


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