Belmondo – Brand new video released!

2012. 08. 01.

The latest album of Belmondo released last year, and now the newest video is here. It was shot in MiniCity for the song called ’Gyereknek maradni’. The video was directed, filmed and edited by two members of FreshFabrik, Levente Uglyay Kovács and Szabolcs Oláh. According to Zoltan Czutor (Belmondo’s frontman), this is the most absurd video of the band, inspired by the band’s most important message, that people don’t take the responsibility for their acts. They want to get away from making decisions, or undertaking consequences, so they want to stay in childhood. This thought is not shown directly, becaues the goal was to warn people by creating a symbolic atmosphere with the unusual and astounding colors and imagery – said Czutor.

You can watch the video at our YouTube channel called Music Fashion Bands: