Garami Gábor

Garami Gábor


“At home there wasn’t any problem with me, I didn’t desire a motorbike, neither quality clothes, I only enchanted the radio for the whole day.

I’m very thankful to my environment that even though they tried to talk me out if it, they never stole my dreams.”

Gábor was rebellious in high school in Dunaújváros, he wasn’t engaged by learning, he only remembers of poems, films and world changing dreams: once he recited on the corridor of the high school. He wanted to be an actor, he also applied to the University of Theatre and Film Arts, but he was unsuccessful. After one and a half year of military, at the age of 22 he moved to Budapest with only one carryon case, where he worked at the Kossuth Lajos Children’s Home for two years, without any professions with half-orphaned children.

The band called Táncosokkal Farkalók brought the active musician life to him, they travelled throughout the country: he studied a lot from these boys.

Then something came that wasn’t before. His dentist friend asked him a favour, to speak on a spot for him. Rókusfalvy Pál noticed the young man with great organ in the Roxer Studio. After this Garami Gábor took heart and called all the radios and dub studios to tell them that he would like to live on his voice. By the law of large numbers, he was right. With the help of Tereh István, the manager if Első Emelet, in 1995 the women audience of 96.4 Melody FM got to know his smooth and pleasant voice. After a half year, he became the anchorman of the morning show at the new radio station, called 92.9 Star Radio, where he got instructions of commercial radios from Mario Collantonio. He has been working for the Danubius Radio since 1997, at the beginning as night anchorman, where the theme was on the streets: sex, football, car driving, religion, everyday stories. Since the past few years he is the host of the most popular afternoon request show on Danubius Radio, than since 2009 on ClassFM.

During the year he lived in the USA, he developed his English to perfect, so since than he also gets numerous English language contracts.

In his life, beside radio, music is the most important. He is a persistent member of BestOf and he manages his own band, the Garami Funky Staff since 2010. He plays together with extraordinary musicians and had several successful concerts.

Garami Gábor is a perfect anchorman, DJ and musician in one person.

“I don’t believe in coincidences: Everything that happens to you today, that what you wanted! I have been thinking about this sentence for years and sometimes I understand it.”



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